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I love my daughter with every fiber of my being. 9 times out of 10 she makes me so happy. But sometimes, just sometimes, I find myself incredibly frustrated with her. It's something I'm working on. I know everyone says to cherish every moment, they grow up too quickly, but I am also my own person with my own needs trying to grow my own business. After playing with her all morning, I sometimes step away to try and get some work done on my laptop, but many days she just can't bring herself to survive without my constant presence. Don't get me wrong, I do give her ample time to play by herself (most often, she's totally fine as long as I'm just sitting on the floor near her), but she just gets so upset when I try to do something for me. And that's when I get frustrated. And then the mom guilt sets in that I'm not cherishing each moment enough, etc. Because of times like these, I've definitely been guilty of lamenting with my other mom friends how it would maybe, and ONLY maybe, be easier in some ways if I had twins. She'd have someone to sit there and play with and I could do what I needed to get done, you know? Wishful thinking, as I've come to find.

Thus we land at my session with Kelcie. Kelcie came to me wanting some pictures of herself with her darling twin daughters! Like all moms, I completely understand the mom struggle of always being behind the pictures and never in them, and Kelcie wants to make sure she has beautiful keepsake images of herself with her daughters, and not just of them. For her and her husband, these two precious girls are their biggest miracle. They struggled long and hard to attain even just one of them, and then they were blessed twofold! I will probably never have twins so I can't imagine the beauty and joy that comes with getting to see each milestone happen twice in succession, but I bet it's incredibly rewarding! However, this session also taught me the error of my previous thoughts! Life with twins is difficult. I was only with them for an hour, but it was easy to see how much greater my struggles would be. I am a firm believer of great risk, great reward, by which I mean, though the tougher times might be twice as hard with two little ones, that just means the good times are double better. Thus, I'm not saying it's all bad, but I do have a newfound respect for the day to day struggles of moms with multiples, and Kelcie is doing a great job! Her girls are total sweethearts too, so that can only make it even better!

For instance, there were many shots we tried to get that, 1.) were difficult just given their age and current developmental stage where they do NOT want to sit still and just want to go, go, go and 2.) didn't work because once she got one child settled and looking cute, the other would wander off. Then she'd get that one positioned and the other would then take off! I really had so much fun photographing them, though. And even my own daughter managed to occupy herself enough so we could get the shoot done! It was beautiful to witness how inquisitive they were of all the new nature surrounding them. As adults, it's too easy to look past it all and take it for granted, but children really do think every blade of grass and every stick they pick up is a goldmine of experience. It's so new to them, and it's beautiful, just like their pictures! Check 'em out below:

20151005-DSC_1466 marked.jpg

We made sure to fit this session in on Monday, while the weather was still very cool outside and fall was distinctly in the air. It's pretty warm outside again now, but I cannot wait for the cooler weather to return again soon, hopefully!