Rensing {Family} | Katy, TX Lifestyle Family Photographer

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of shooting Christmas portraits for this beautiful family! It's been quite rainy the past couple of months, and we were originally scheduled for the Sunday right after Thanksgiving. However, after a small break in the rain, it quickly returned. To be safe, we rescheduled, and lucky for us, the rain did not return! In fact, the weather really couldn't have been better. It was perfectly cool to for for boots and sweaters, but not too cold (and for Texas, not too hot)! I loved the outfits Lyndsay arranged for them all to wear! Perfect styling.

I had so much fun with Lyndsay and her husband Mike, and their two precious children. Those two were so full of life, which always makes for a fun shoot! Contrary to Lyndsay's beliefs, her children performed wonderfully - total naturals in front of the camera! She did warn me that her oldest, Gabe, loves to run, and so I wanted to capture at least some of his spirit. I managed to get some exciting shots of him in action that ooze nostalgic, boyish charm. Gabe and his sister had such a good time running around, playing with all the trees, and laughing together, and that's really my favorite part of this job - watching families interact and laugh together,'s such a beautiful experience to watch! 

We shot at a relatively new park out here in Katy, and it was my first time shooting there! It's always both exciting yet nerve-wracking to shoot at a new location. There is worry that I won't get the best shots possible because I don't know all the hidden details of the location,  but exploring new areas is exhilarating in it's own way. However, this park is so beautiful that every shot is a great one! It's not possible to shoot bad pictures here, I'm convinced (and I think the pictures speak for themselves)!

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