Fletcher {Newborn} Shoot | Katy, TX Lifetsyle Newborn Photographer

Wow, I'm so thrilled that I FINALLY Have some time to sit down and write this blog post! The holidays have seemed neverendingly full of festive fun, but we're blessed to have so many family and friend-filled events going on, and this new family has been blessed with their own little addition as well!

I feel like I've said this a fair amount this year (another testament to all the blessings!), but this was yet another one of those sessions where God clearly meant for us all to come together. This business has been my little labor of love over the past year and I'm so lucky to have had so many wonderful clients let me be a part of some of the most important times of their lives, but I do everything myself - all website stuff, design, and SEO. I'm not an expert by any means, so imagine my shock when this inquiry dropped into my inbox where she went on to state that she found me through a google search! I didn't even know I was showing up in google results that high yet, so that was surprise number one. Surprise number TWO was that, as it turns out, we all go to the same church! This couple had been about to book with a different photographer but just didn't feel quite right about it and her style, so Megan kept searching and after finding my site and scouring my blog, she recognized my daughter from sitting behind us in the pews every week! I mean, seriously, what a small, small world. I've never been so excited to do a session! That really was God's work right there, and we meshed so well and managed to get so many beautiful photos of this sweet family together!

Megan and Connor are also the cutest couple ever! They compliment each other so well and have such wonderful senses of humor. I had so much fun with them and I think it definitely showed! Also, how AMAZING is that nursery?! I'm obsessed. I love foxes and so the fox motif is just so wonderful to me, especially the unique fox in space tapestry on the wall! What a lucky little man to have such a cool nursery (and, of course, adoring and fun parents)!