Katy, TX Lifestyle Family Photographer | {Easter Fun!}

This was the first holiday my daughter was finally old enough to begin enjoying. In addition to some standard Easter portraits I took of her, I also snapped some good ones from our community's easter event. She ADORED the bunny that was there in a way I never expected her to! I know she absolutely loves animals more than anything else in this world, but most kids are usually afraid of the people in costumes! But not my fearless Olive - in true spirit, she did NOTHING but obsessively hug the bunny and hog her from everyone else (and screamed and cried when it was time to give others a turn). When it was time for the egg hunt, she didn't even want to do it! The bunny had to follow her in order for her to participate! This child is so strong-willed, i'm telling you. But we have a lot of fun! Never a dull moment.