Baby {Hope} | Katy Houston TX Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

This. Family. Was. SO. MUCH. FUN!!! Erin and Jeremy were super chill and laid back people, and ALL of their kids were absolutely adorable, with a wonderful sense of humor!

Little Hope was born a couple of weeks early and poor Erin experienced a few complications afterward. Ironically, I had JUST recently read a very long article on NPR about postpartum pre-eclampsia. The article profiled a neonatal nurse who, after giving birth herself, died of surprise complications due in part of medical negligence and/or ignorance on the part of her care team, because she had postpartum pre-eclampsia and no one had managed to put two and two together until after she died 48 hours later. It was one of those articles that you file the knowledge away in your mind, hoping to not ever need it one day, but is good to know just in case. Thus, imagine my surprise when Erin called me needing to reschedule her session because she was having some of the same complications! Thank GOD she had a good care team who took her postpartum rising blood pressure seriously, and made sure to monitor her closely. Having only recently even learned that such an illness was possible, I was more than accommodating to her - health comes first, for sure! Luckily Erin healed up quickly, and we ended up having an amazing session!

This was another lifestyle newborn session where it was just truly impossible to choose favorites. I also find that the ones I like best and would choose to deliver don't always align with what my families would pick, so I find myself more and more delivering large proofing galleries to let my families choose their images themselves. Sometimes I feel bad asking exhausted new parents to try to pick favorites themselves, but I do like that they end up with the images THEY want rather than the ones I would've picked! And it's always fun to see if it's ones I would've picked or not. For instance, this family chose an image that I ALMOST scrapped completely, but I did see the potential in it given our interactions and conversations during the session. Something was nagging at me to at least put the image in their gallery, and I'm SO glad I did because it was one they loved!


I LOVED this blanket that the mom wanted to incorporate! That's what I enjoy about lifestyle newborn sessions the most - incorporating items that are important to YOU!