Addie and Harry | Katy Houston, TX Child Portrait Photographer

The last time I saw these two, they were only 9 months old. They (largely) sat nice and still for the camera, playing with their toys together in-between smiling sweetly for me and my camera. It was out then, but there was no running or sweating - just the calm of a relaxing summer shoot in the shade. This was, of course, once we managed to get scheduled! I'll never forget how they had managed to get scheduled with an Olive Branch Photography in Indiana, and how kind that photographer was to track me down and get it all sorted out! (thank you again, fellow OBP photog - I owe you!)

Cut to Sunday, exactly one year later from our previous shoot: these two are 18 months old now, and LONG gone were the easy days of babies still pre-walking phase! These two have become such spirited and inquisitive little toddlers, and I am so thrilled I got the chance to see how they've grown and capture these times for their adoring mama. Both Addie and Harry love to run around, exploring EVERY piece of scenery around them, and rarely did they ever stay in the same spot together! I almost feel like it was miraculous that I managed to get even one image of them together, but such is the nature with photographing this age range. Seriously, I think I've found my niche - send me ALL the toddlers!!! Call me crazy, but I LOVE chasing after them, and seeing the awestruck looks on their faces when they discover something new and interesting! We had such a fun time together. I love working with this family and can't wait to see them again soon!

(Also, I apologize if these look soft -  some of them rendered a bit strangely in my collage-making program but I really wanted to get them posted before my own little babies distract me. Rest assured, the full resolutions are nice and crisply sharp!)