6-12 months

{Adeline and Harrison} | Katy, TX Children's Photographer

I photographed these two cuties this past Sunday, and could not have been more excited to do so. My heart melts when I receive an inquiry for the 6-12 month age range because this age range in particular is so full of pure, simple sweetness - and it's even better when there's two of them! I really enjoy shooting twins and capturing that special bond that only twins can have, and not to mention twin shoots are just fun, so full of lively energy, and I always feel like our hour passes too fast! It's funny, then, that the session almost didn't happen. Momma made a scheduling mishap, accidentally booking with Olive Branch Photography...IN INDIANA! I'm indebted to the photographer there for being so understanding with her of the situation and kindly hunting me down so that my client could receive the pictures she needed here in Texas. She passed my contact info on to the mom, and I got her scheduled in quickly.

The weather was absolutely perfect on Sunday, so I'd say everything ended up working out beautifully in the end. It was still crisp outside from the previous cold front, and we shot at 12:30 before the heat set in for the day. Little Adeline and Harrison were napped, fed, and perfectly happy in time for their shoot, and they did phenomenal. Don't those sweet eyes and tiny pouts just make you melt? I also love baby details, like tiny feet and curious little hands. They were killing me with their cuteness. I also love how their personalities shine, especially Adeline pushing on her brother's face. It's like she's saying, "move! It's MY time to shine!"

Perfectly precious, aren't they?

OBP_1918 copy.png

Katy, TX Lifestyle Family Photographer | Todd 1-Year Shoot {Sneak Peak}

On Sunday, while most moms were probably taking a break from work, I got to truly celebrate the gift of motherhood (in addition to snuggling my own little one, of course) by shooting this little guy's 1-year pictures! He did superb for his shoot, serving up smiles and sweetness that would melt any mother's heart. He is such an easy-going and enjoyable little boy, and I was so overjoyed to capture this special day for him. While it didn't rain (luckily!), I was a bit disappointed at just how overcast the sky was that day. But that's just part of the outdoor photography struggle - gotta work with what nature gives you! And she doesn't always cooperate. However, by happy accident! We stumbled upon a sundial! And while posing him next to the "1," noticed that May (aka, his birth month), lined up PERFECTLY on the ground with the shot! How cool was that? I love exciting moments like these. Hopefully you find him as precious as I do!

DSC_3986 watermark.png

And a bonus picture - my favorite - AKA: "How You Know A Shoot is OVER!"

A little B&A

Though it's a tad early, I took my daughter's 8 month pictures recently. Her personality has really begun to emerge these past couple of months. When we were out running errands the past week, one old woman described her as "spritely," and it struck me, for I believe it to be the more accurate adjective to describe her. She's always happy and energetic; she feels her happiness deep in her core. But she's also reaching that stage finally where she wants everything, gets upset if you don't give it to her, and even more upset if you do and then take it away from her. OH, going out is becoming quite fun...

This dress is my favorite outfit I own for her. It's baby gap, and the detailed embroidery work is stunning to me, along with the deep eggplant color. Even better is the fact I got it secondhand from a wonderful family I met on Craigslist! It was one of many in a large bag of used designer baby clothes I got from these people for an insanely cheap price, many pieces never even worn. It's size 3 months, and at 8 months she still fits into it! She's always been small, which is actually kind of cool because I've gotten much more use out of all of her clothes, as she can wear them for longer.

She's also decided she loves the sound of her voice! She ADORES screeching like a little piglet at the top of her lungs, and that's why I especially enjoy that third picture there, captured mid-screech. It really shows her quirkiness.

And now, as promised, a little before and after from this session:





I so enjoy editing photos! It's amazing what can be done.