Campbell Family | Katy Family Photographer

It’s me again! And yes, it’s me again, just now posting a session that is 4 months old. I wish I was able to stay more on top of things!!! So thank you for bearing with me. I’ve had my hands full this summer with a 3 and 1 year old, but man…I really thought I’d manage to get on top of it, but nope! After this I’ve got at least two newborn sessions to blog…maybe putting it out there will give me motivation to get it done…lol, I hope, at least.

Anyway, onto this sweet family, who were referred to me by a friend. They are AMAZING. I feel like I say this all the time because I seem to be blessed with fantastic clients but it truly makes a world of difference when you find a photographer that you mesh well with - it always shows in the photos. They are previously from California and they move often so we aimed for a kind of wide-open-spaces vibe with the setting, to commemorate their time here in Texas country! I also really like a mom who knows exactly she what she wants. Together, we collaborated on wardrobe ideas and colors to put together a beautiful spring session for them! Each of her kiddos were SO much fun to be with, and we had a great time. I’m soooo excited to see them again soon for my Limited Edition Christmas Sessions! Also, if you' love this location, please let me know when booking - this is a private location in Richmond that I have exclusive access to! ;)


Also, for those that don’t know, I DO offer print services! I’ll mention this here since they made a print order, and I get asked often what the differences are versus doing it yourself, and Kristina gave me a good example for how to best explain it. So like i said, I like a mom who knows what she likes (or DOESN’T like), and so Kristina knew she wanted to order standout prints (which offer the depth of canvas without the canvas material), and specified why she preferred them over canvas - she didn’t like the texture of the canvas, for one, nor the way the colors rendered on them. As the photographer, I was then able to optimize both the digital file and paper choice for her prints to offer her the best quality possible. With her feedback, I knew I needed to deepen the blacks and up the contrast a little bit, and when she mentioned the texture, I knew exactly which paper I would order the prints on (deep matte, for those wondering - it’s the smoothest paper). Can you order standout prints on your own from a consumer lab online? Yep. Will it look good? Of course! As long as you use a recommended lab, at least. The benefit to me doing it is that I take care of it for you, check it over myself to make sure there’s no problems, deliver it to you, and optimize the image for the type of printing we’re doing so that you get that absolute best print possible on your end, with no work on your part! After our session, just let me know what you’re interested in and I’m always happy to send a quote.

Sulimma Family | Katy Houston, TX Family Photographer

Life is ROUGH when you're sick, y'all. I was hoping to have blogged at least twice by now, but I ONLY started truly feeling better yesterday. I've been sick for 16 days. S I X T E E N  D A Y S. Unreal. And it seems like a lot of people I've talked to have also had a cold that they couldn't shake for two weeks, or know someone else in the same position. I have no idea what's been going around, but I hope all of you out there manage to avoid it!

I love having the opportunity to photograph friends, but while in some ways it's more relaxing, it's also more nerve wracking in others! I mean, what if they end up hating their photos?! Terrifying thought. I met this super sweet family at our church a couple of years ago, and when they needed family photos this year, they picked me! I was very grateful for the honor. I love how laid back Keryn and Hardi are, and how free spirited and playful their kids are because of that! They are such an entertaining family, and our session was full of endless laughs and fun! We tried a couple of new things at this session, and I think it really helped to capture their adventurous spirits.


Todd's {Fall} Photos | Katy, TX Lifestyle Family Photographer

I LOVE shooting Todd (and his family, of course)! He is just so bubbly, easy going, and fun to make laugh. He was SO full of energy for his 18 month shoot but between all the running around, we managed to get some great shots! He has also learned this on-cue posing move that is the BEST thing in the world. You can see some of it below! This was the first of my fall sessions this year and I'm so excited for the rest of them! Nothing beats the magic of the holiday season...

OBP_3095 copy.png

Baby {Kian} Session | Katy, TX Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I'm so behind getting this on the blog, but it's finally here! I had the pleasure last weekend of photographing this beautiful family and their joyous new arrival. I'm so truly blessed to have captured this time for them. It's amazing how much I've forgotten about that time from my own life, it just passes by so quickly - you blink and suddenly they're turning TWO. It's amazing how fast they grow. Newborns melt my heart and make me feel so nostalgic for that intimate time, regardless of how sleep deprived it can be. There's just something so magical about sitting at home all day, just you and your spouse, figuring it all out together - strengthening that team bond. It's beautiful.

Elyza was blessed with an easy birth, with little Kian making his entrance only a couple of days later than anticipated! He is such a sweet angel and his parents couldn't be happier! He has such a full life of love ahead of him. I can't wait to see where life takes him!

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