Sulimma Family | Katy Houston, TX Family Photographer

Life is ROUGH when you're sick, y'all. I was hoping to have blogged at least twice by now, but I ONLY started truly feeling better yesterday. I've been sick for 16 days. S I X T E E N  D A Y S. Unreal. And it seems like a lot of people I've talked to have also had a cold that they couldn't shake for two weeks, or know someone else in the same position. I have no idea what's been going around, but I hope all of you out there manage to avoid it!

I love having the opportunity to photograph friends, but while in some ways it's more relaxing, it's also more nerve wracking in others! I mean, what if they end up hating their photos?! Terrifying thought. I met this super sweet family at our church a couple of years ago, and when they needed family photos this year, they picked me! I was very grateful for the honor. I love how laid back Keryn and Hardi are, and how free spirited and playful their kids are because of that! They are such an entertaining family, and our session was full of endless laughs and fun! We tried a couple of new things at this session, and I think it really helped to capture their adventurous spirits.