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Baby {Teddy} | Katy, TX Lifestyle Newborn Family Photographer

Alright. The busy season is officially OVER and I know longer have an excuse to procrastinate!!! I promise promise PROMISE I’m going to try harder to stay on top of blogging this year. It is my one and only goal. I joked about the realest Christmas miracle being that anyone chooses to hire me with my lack of updates anywhere! But like, seriously! I’ve had this session ready to blog for at least 4 months, and that’s kind of embarrassing…does anyone else struggle to find balance among juggling family, friends, life activities, and work? Just me? Anyway, I truly appreciate all of my clients from the bottom of my heart, especially for seeing my website and trusting me on that alone to capture your precious memories. It means everything to me. I love being able to do this for all of you <3

Anyway, this family was yet another amazing family. The dad was so friendly and they were all so hospitable. I loved every moment with them. Their new son was precious of course as well, and a perfect little sleeper to boot! A seriously beautiful family. I hope you’re doing well these days, baby Teddy! Check out his newborn session below:


Valdes Family | Katy Family Photographer

This was one of my favorite sessions from this past spring (yes I'm that far behind on my blog lol). My work tends to have a pretty cohesive look to it, regardless of session type, however I love the unique feel each family brings to their own session. Some families are easy to pose and get smiling, and some love the more natural, unposed look, which is why I try to offer a mixture of both in my sessions. Yet sometimes, when I have a family show up dressed SO BEAUTIFULLY, and SO impeccably, it inspires me in a whole new way. I love it. This family was one of those. When I saw their outfits, my heart almost leapt out of chest with excitement. It was May, and although pretty mild this year, it was still getting pretty hot outside, so I gotta give it to dad here for dressing to the nines in the heat - he was a huge trooper, as were all their sweet girls! I digress though. When I saw them, I was so excited, and when that sun began to get nice and golden, I was inspired to create some beautiful heirloom quality fine art portraits for this family.

I've found that the best way to describe a family photography session with me is kind of like controlled chaos. We get some smiles, we play some games, everyone runs around, kids are supposed to be silly, and hopefully we enjoy lots of laughter as well. It might look crazy - I'm sure many of you often walk away thinking "oh my gosh there's no way on EARTH she got anything usable what are we going to do?!?" however, that can't be farther from the truth. Family photography is FUN. I LIVE for the chaos. And, as long as I get ONE good picture of each kid in whatever setting we're in, that's usually about all it takes to make magic happen in post (IF I even wind up needing to do that). In fact, one of the images below is a composite of 4 different photos, and I guarantee you can't tell which one it is. Also, I'm going to let everyone in on a secret: head swaps are often done in my post processing, and I deem them an essential part of my touchup process, because I love delivering the best possible photo I can for my clients. It's especially vital when shooting twins or other small-age-gap siblings, because it's so rare that everyone is look all at the same time (and that's OK)!

Anyway, check out this beautiful family below! The youngest, sweet Maggie, was SO full of life! Such cuties.


Baby {Caleb} | Katy Houston TX Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

This is another one of those sessions I'm blogging super late, in the thick of busy season! There's a meme out there that says "October is to Photographers what April is to Accountants," and I love it because it's TRUE! So I apologize to all my little newborn mommies out there who are seeing their beautiful sessions blogged later than expected!

I LOVED working with this sweet family for their lifestyle newborn session, and because OBP over here seems to be "what a small world" central, I found out this family lives in the neighborhood we were about to move into ourselves! So that was extra fun. Baby Caleb was born many weeks early due to a few complications, but that just means this sweet boy slept extra well for his photos! And, again, check out this nursery! I ADORE the woodland theme, and that wood flooring wall is to die for! These stylish mommas always just blow me out of the water with their design skills! But seriously, I'm very blessed to work with each and every family that chooses me for their lifestyle newborn sessions here in Katy - thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you! I LOVE what I do!





Tiny little fingers on tiny little hands...


Baby {Mia} | Katy Houston TX Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I got to spend a lovely morning with this wonderful family, capturing the newness of their most recent addition: sweet baby Mia. She was so precious, and both her older brother and parents were some of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of meeting. I was so excited for this shoot, as it was my first newborn session back from maternity leave (and I could not have asked for a better family to work with for it)! Is it possible to have baby fever again already?! I mean, Sabrina is only 3.5 months old, but this little cherub had my heart melting already!

Mia did fabulous for our session. She slept long and hard which allowed me to try out some new single baby poses I brushed up on while on my leave! I think they turned out beautifully. This was my most difficult session to cull to date - it was seriously hard to narrow it down, there were SO many good ones! Here are some of my personal favorites.

I love lifestyle newborn sessions because they happen in the clients home, making each session so individual and unique. I love starting off capturing images of the nurseries, which as you can see, each parent works so hard to make it an inviting space special for their little ones. I'm always so impressed by the finds some moms make, such as the little goat rocking chair in the top right image. Adorable!

While I love posing and enjoy a good posed image, I also love capturing those special, candid in-between moments. They always end up being some of my favorite photos, and I love the extra emotion a good black-and-white brings to them. Older brother Leo was such a cooperative sweetheart, which always helps as well. He made the shoot tons of fun!

After getting the family images, the little ones are usually asleep, so it's on to singular poses. I'm always so grateful to get be a part of these special milestones for my families. While I was on leave, I decided I wanted to add light individual newborn posing to my in-home sessions. You can see the fruits of that labor in the set below. I especially love the little squishy faces!

Even with the additional posing, this session still ran my average 1.5-2 hours for in-home newborn sessions.

Newborn sessions should be scheduled during your third trimester to ensure availability. I pride myself on my professionalism and flexibility for my clients. Due to the ever-changing nature of pregnancy, I try to remain very flexible and will mark off multiple weekends for your shoot to accommodate any potential outcomes. Posing is easiest within the first 14 days of delivery, so keep that in mind when scheduling. I'm so blessed to be doing this, and I can't for my next session!

Baby {Kyle} Newborn Session | Katy Houston, TX Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

It's amazing how quickly and easily the haze of the "fourth trimester" with a newborn can be forgotten. With Robson baby #2 so close to being here, I found myself particularly awestruck at this sweet family's newborn session! They were my very last clients before starting maternity leave, and their precious baby boy could not have been a more calm and easygoing addition! And yet, it was still amazing to see him and be flooded with reminders of how tiny, wrinkly, sleepy, and especially hungry these tiny treasures are, and how I'm about to have one of my own again! It was an exciting session to shoot, knowing I was so close to being on the other side again!

Really though, this family was the best. Again, I'm so lucky to have been blessed with them as clients - momma was so laid back and go-with-the-flow of it all, and big sister Elena was super energetic and entertaining the whole time! Dad was also a trooper, jumping right in after what I'm sure was a long first day back at work. They were truly such a beautiful family you can't help but fall in love with!

And check this out - I STILL can't get enough of their gorgeous home! Mom is an interior designer and it definitely shows - each room was curated full of beautiful and unique art pieces and furniture! Many pieces come from Pottery Barn Kids and Etsy. Don't you just want to redecorate your entire house now? I know I do...


And yes, that beautiful nature reserve is RIGHT outside their backyard! I definitely found myself considering moving out of Katy for a second just so I, too, could have such a beautiful space in my neighborhood! Sadly though, we love Katy far too much to leave. I'll have to settle for all my other treasured locations! ;)