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Melissa {Maternity} | Katy, TX Maternity Photographer

I don't know if I've said this enough before, but I. LOVE. DOING. STYLIZED. SESSIONS.

Styled sessions are perfect for those who truly value photography as an art. When you book a styled session with me, it includes hair and makeup, and personally curated wardrobe with accessories, as well as other details (such as studio rentals if need be, or my time and talent for creating individual props, etc). We meet and discuss either in person or on the phone every little detail possible in order to bring our vision to perfection! I absolutely love getting the chance to be creative and express myself through this artistry, and I love being able to work personally, one-on-one, with a subject. It allows me to keep a great eye for the little details!

After entering this year's Shoot and Share contest (and having 21 photos place in the top 30% of their categories or better), I learned quickly from voting on others' photos that I seemed to be drawn to photos with movement. Even though I can't dance (I mean, I think I would've been a great dancer if I'd trained it, but sadly I never did), I LOVE watching people dance. I've been an avid fan of So You Think You Can Dance since it's conception, and one of the top reasons I love Korean pop music SO much is for all the amazing choreography (yes, you should watch all of those - you will NOT regret it ;D). I would like, seriously give just about anything to be able to, but anyway, all of this to say, I've been DYING for a while, and especially more so recently, to complete a dance session, so when I found Melissa, it was as if all the stars had aligned. I mean, not only a dancer, but maternity to boot?! Perfection. My mind immediately started swirling with ideas, and I knew that this studio downtown would be the perfect backdrop for it. However, it was Melissa who was able to use her own beautiful talents to give these photos real life. My own vision was only half of it, really - this session could not have turned out as fantastic as it did without her own skill! And that's another reason I love stylized shoots - it's such a beautiful, collaborative process that results in uniquely personal images that will always be treasured!

I know for myself, I sometimes lose myself in my momhood. Being "mommy" is my #1 job and I am responsible for the care of my kids every day and some days it can be difficult to separate myself from that, or to remember who I am at the end of long, whirlwind, emotional day. However, now Melissa will have these beautiful photos to look back on for years to come, and to share with her children her passions, and to show them who mom was long before she was "MOM!" to them.

And, If you're reading right now, and you think, "Hey, I have talents! I have passions that I want to commemorate!" Then perhaps a custom stylized maternity session might be just what you need, too. Let's get in touch and plan something personal and beautiful together!!

Anyone else love a moody black and white?!? This is definitely my best black and white photo yet...

Anyone else love a moody black and white?!? This is definitely my best black and white photo yet...


Stunning, isn't she?! Such talent and beauty. It was an honor getting to work with her, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for her sweet growing family!

Jennifer's {Maternity} Session | Katy, TX Maternity Photographer

These images I'm going to share with you are so incredibly special to me. It was a shoot full of more firsts than I can count, but most importantly, is that this woman took a chance on me, and I can't thank her enough. I'm eternally grateful. She believed I could create something beautiful, and together we made it happen. We worked so incredibly well together, and our personalities were such a wonderful match.

Styled maternity sessions are something I have DREAMED of shooting some day, but I thought that day would be much, much farther away. I have spent so much time fawning over countless images of styled mommas in beautiful, flowing gowns, developing my own hopes and dreams for my own shoot some day through them. I can't believe I had a dream in my head - the perfect woodland location, dreamy bokehs, sunset skies, gorgeous gowns, hair and makeup, the whole 9 yards - and it came to LIFE. I made it happen! I'm honestly shocked I even managed to find this location. Can you believe I took these in Houston? I love this city, and it's versatility - there's always a perfect location for SOMEONE, somewhere. I still love my lifestyle work, but I really feel like I finally found my calling with these styled sessions. It ignited a fire inside me. I'm so excited for what the future holds for my business, and I can't WAIT to do more of these! 

Jennifer met her fiance at an Astros game, and after a quick whirlwind romance, they found out they were expecting their sweet son! And he's going to be a 6th! How amazing is that? I love that they're passing down that naming tradition. Her faith is important to her and she wanted to be able to incorporate it in these pictures for her son to see one day, so that he may know how important he always is to her. Life may be propelling full speed ahead with no signs of slowing down, but she handles everything with calm and grace. Between combining households and finances, unpacking boxes, working at a hectic job while her fiance starts an MBA program...I think I'm busy, but I feel like I've got nothing on her! She's a superwoman who really does it all. Jennifer is also so charismatic - she's one of those people you talk to and you just feel like you've known them forever, and I think her charisma really shines through in these images. I hope you all enjoy them as much as she and I have!

(The following gown is from the ever wonderful Sew Trendy Accessories)

Katy, TX Lifestyle Family Photographer | {Sarah + Will}

Again, I seem to have fallen into radio silence. So much has been happening since my last post. I was blessed to take on a part-time data entry job for a local company, which I can do from home! Life was pretty dull in that moment when I accepted the position, but then seriously EXPLODED immediately after as my husband surprised me with a kitchen renovation for our 5 year anniversary! And me, being the DIY-er, decided it'd be great if we did it all ourselves! HA! Between working on backsplashes and cabinet refacing, volunteering on community events, events with friends and family, doing shoots, taking care of my almost two-year old and, you know, the general cooking and cleaning and making sure we all stay a live and well - I honestly can barely keep my head on straight these days! And it all just snowballed on one after another, so before I knew it, this is where I was! As exhausting as it is, it's also exciting in a way.

Even more exciting was completing my first maternity shoot with this wonderful couple in a brand new location! I had a feeling Maternity would be one of the areas my heart truly lies, and that turned out to be true. It's such a special, intimate, exhilarating time and I'm so blessed to have been able to capture that for this wonderful family. Little baby Louis is so lucky to be coming into this world surrounded by so much love.

We shot these at Eleanor Tinsley Park in downtown Houston. It was my first time shooting here and we encountered some very unexpected scenarios, from the sprinklers all going off while we were shooting the very first photo below, to a random bicyclist wanting his portrait done as well! We handled them all with much grace! This location is actually very dear to Sarah's heart. She told me how each year her dad would take her to this hill to take a new picture of her. It was important to her that such a precious time be documented right there, where she has been creating special memories with her own family for so many years. To already begin sharing that with her baby is something I'm so honored to have captured. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of history.

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