Jain Family | Katy Houston, TX Family Photographer

I know I mentioned in my last post that this session also holds a special place in my heart, and now let me tell you why. Little Kian was my VERY FIRST NEWBORN SESSION EVER! His parents graciously took a "risk" letting me photograph that very special time for them knowing it was going to be my first time shooting a newborn, and I am FOREVER grateful to them for that, because it allowed me to find my passion for doing newborn sessions! I had a feeling that doing lifestyle newborn sessions would be something I would enjoy, and working with such a wonderful family at the outset really lit the fire in my heart for this.

They lived out in Clear Lake at the time, and I honestly thought I wouldn't ever get to see Kian again, which I often lamented when looking back through that session, because he was so adorable and they were so, so sweet! So imagine my surprise when I get an email in my inbox from Elyza, mentioning they'd moved closer to my side of town and wanted to see if I had availability for a fall session. Um, of course I do, especially for you, I said! And it was SO good to see them again! We had a very enjoyable session, and Kian has grown into such an active little guy! I loved the tender hugs he started handing out towards the end of the session, too - he even gave a couple to me, and my heart melted! Such a precious little angel. Thanks again for letting me capture these moments for you guys!


Sulimma Family | Katy Houston, TX Family Photographer

Life is ROUGH when you're sick, y'all. I was hoping to have blogged at least twice by now, but I ONLY started truly feeling better yesterday. I've been sick for 16 days. S I X T E E N  D A Y S. Unreal. And it seems like a lot of people I've talked to have also had a cold that they couldn't shake for two weeks, or know someone else in the same position. I have no idea what's been going around, but I hope all of you out there manage to avoid it!

I love having the opportunity to photograph friends, but while in some ways it's more relaxing, it's also more nerve wracking in others! I mean, what if they end up hating their photos?! Terrifying thought. I met this super sweet family at our church a couple of years ago, and when they needed family photos this year, they picked me! I was very grateful for the honor. I love how laid back Keryn and Hardi are, and how free spirited and playful their kids are because of that! They are such an entertaining family, and our session was full of endless laughs and fun! We tried a couple of new things at this session, and I think it really helped to capture their adventurous spirits.


Pena Family | Katy Houston TX Family Photographer

It's always so difficult to choose which photos to put on my homepage gallery. As the photographer, I love them all! Each image is my baby, so how can I pick favorites? Thank God blogging exists, so that I can share as many as I want!

This family session took place in Katy, and was the first of MANY fall sessions coming up. As always, I post sneaks on my facebook page first, and then head over here to share my final favorites! This family was wildly hilarious. They love taking photos and were naturals at posing. 


With my family sessions, I tend to be less of a "posing enforcer" for more of a natural interaction. I like to have my families go off together and pose themselves, and then if/when needed, I will jump in and make adjustments.


Children are my specialty, though, and I LOVE posing them whenever I get the chance! This sweetheart was so obliging. We had a great time.


As someone who was personally affected by #HurricaneHarvey, I also LOVED and appreciated their familial tribute to the #TexasStrong #TexasForever campaign by sporting matching shirts to commemorate this time in our history! It was a fun and touching end to an already entertaining session!

Easter {Couture} Styled Shoot | Katy Houston, TX Child and Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

I had the wonderful pleasure of putting together my very own styled shoot for my favorite set of twins in the world. Wait - isn't it too early for Easter pictures still, you might be wondering? Well, since baby Robson #2 is due right at Easter time next month, we decided to go ahead and knock these out early (way early, since my March was pretty much booked solid)! If I must say, I think it turned out beautifully. I've never seen a more adorable and precious set of little Easter bunnies! Sweet Finley wanted nothing to do with having pictures done, but we managed to get a few good ones eventually (special shoutout to Marshmallows and their magical powers)! And if you're seeing these and thinking man, I would love to get my little one in on some photos like these, don't fret! I'm planning on offering this setup for Easter 2018 as well. While I would have LOVED to advertise and offer it this year, there's only so much that I can squeeze in a month out from having a new baby! But next year...next year...be ready for these!

All girls are 2.5-ALMOST 3 years old, wearing two outfits from the client closet that fit up to 4-5 years of age, both of which are from Dollcake. That "Dollop of Vintage" romper might be favorite outfit ever - I'm completely obsessed...

Jennifer's {Maternity} Session | Katy, TX Maternity Photographer

These images I'm going to share with you are so incredibly special to me. It was a shoot full of more firsts than I can count, but most importantly, is that this woman took a chance on me, and I can't thank her enough. I'm eternally grateful. She believed I could create something beautiful, and together we made it happen. We worked so incredibly well together, and our personalities were such a wonderful match.

Styled maternity sessions are something I have DREAMED of shooting some day, but I thought that day would be much, much farther away. I have spent so much time fawning over countless images of styled mommas in beautiful, flowing gowns, developing my own hopes and dreams for my own shoot some day through them. I can't believe I had a dream in my head - the perfect woodland location, dreamy bokehs, sunset skies, gorgeous gowns, hair and makeup, the whole 9 yards - and it came to LIFE. I made it happen! I'm honestly shocked I even managed to find this location. Can you believe I took these in Houston? I love this city, and it's versatility - there's always a perfect location for SOMEONE, somewhere. I still love my lifestyle work, but I really feel like I finally found my calling with these styled sessions. It ignited a fire inside me. I'm so excited for what the future holds for my business, and I can't WAIT to do more of these! 

Jennifer met her fiance at an Astros game, and after a quick whirlwind romance, they found out they were expecting their sweet son! And he's going to be a 6th! How amazing is that? I love that they're passing down that naming tradition. Her faith is important to her and she wanted to be able to incorporate it in these pictures for her son to see one day, so that he may know how important he always is to her. Life may be propelling full speed ahead with no signs of slowing down, but she handles everything with calm and grace. Between combining households and finances, unpacking boxes, working at a hectic job while her fiance starts an MBA program...I think I'm busy, but I feel like I've got nothing on her! She's a superwoman who really does it all. Jennifer is also so charismatic - she's one of those people you talk to and you just feel like you've known them forever, and I think her charisma really shines through in these images. I hope you all enjoy them as much as she and I have!

(The following gown is from the ever wonderful Sew Trendy Accessories)