Baby {Sabrina} | Katy, TX Lifestyle Photographer

I just realized, even though I'd announced it on my facebook page, that I had failed to announce it here on my blog! Our second sweet daughter, Sabrina, made her entrance this past Good Friday - the most special Easter blessing we could've asked for! When she was 2 weeks old, she made her modeling debut in Emma Stasko's newborn class at Skye Hardwick's Sweetlight Collective Workshop in Round Top, TX - it was a very special experience to get to be a part of! She's one month old now, and I got some decent sleep last night, so I was finally feeling up to pulling my camera out for a few snaps of my own. Older sister is finally adjusting to sharing mommy, though she has loved her little sister with every fiber of being from the moment she first met her! Today though, she didn't want to come to close to her for any sweet photos, because the other day daddy said that Sabrina smelled like cheese (yes, reflux is an issue with this, and so of course, that's all Olivia wants to fixate on at the moment...ah, siblings!

We stay in the bedroom all together most of the morning. We watch a lot of TV these days, but such is this season of life. I store up my energy all morning so that I feel good enough to take Olive outside to play with all her neighborhood friends in the afternoons! We've been so blessed to have so many wonderful friends supplying dinner over the past month - I'd truly be lost without all the prayers and help! Thank you so much to everyone who has helped out thus far.

The days truly are so, so, SO long, but the months (and years) so short! I can't believe she's already ONE month old...